Remember Senduit?

We had to give up on Senduit last year because it became really glitchy. I have been sad about that for a while now and even today, I went back to the site in an attempt to use my favorite file-sharing service. No Luck.

Fortunately, Richard Byrne shared a new site on his blog that does exactly what Senduit did. It’s called Just Beam it.

Visit the site and try it out!!!!


100 twitter Feeds…

That teach you history: 

That make you a better teacher:

For art scholars: 

For Book lovers: 

For future Librarians:

To Sharpen your writing skills:

For teaching advice:

 for educators:

And 100 ways to use twitter in your library:

Two great tools for Social Studies

Conflict is a great mashup of google earth and timelines. Simply slide the rule at the bottom of the screen to gain a geographical overview of the era you’re investigating.

The US History Teachers Blog offers multimedia options to make any history lesson excellent