Topics for Meeting One

Hey Marians,  our first meeting will be at Kepner on November 6 at 12 pm.

Topics will be Screencasting and Skyping. The lesson on screencasting will be led by Sudi Stodola and We will warmly welcome a presenter for skype.

We look forward to playing and learning with you!


Setting Dates

The Marians will get together during the DPS Book fair to hammer home our planned meeting dates. The first meeting will be held at Kepner, date is still TBA.

If you missed the sign-up sheet at the Great Start Meeting, please email Sudi ( or sign up at the Book fair!

Marians ROCK!

Welcome to the DPS Marians blog. We are a group of techie librarians who love to share ideas. We meet regularly to share new and favorite web 2.0 tools with each other.