Copyright and the web

Those of you who include copyright in your library tutorials know how tricky this law can be For some great resources on teaching fair use and copyright, try these resources:

Teaching This website is straightforward and objective. It offers lesson plans for teaching copyright in the classroom. What I like about this site is that its goal is to cut through the misinformation out there.

Copyright Chart I took an entire semester of copyright in library school and I still get confused from time to time, so I find this chart to be a handy quick reference.

SCT Media overviews
This site has great sing along music videos, PowerPoint slide shows and more to help teach copyright and information literacy.

Copyright for educators
This is a fairly long video, but filled with helpful information about using copyrighted materials in the classroom.

The Center for Social Media
This is an amazing resource. With videos and handouts it covers fair use, satire, parody, Internet remixing, photocopying classroom materials, showing videos in the classroom, and many other relevant topics.

My favorite video has always been A fair(y) Use tale by Eric Faden of Bucknell. The video can be found on the TJ library web site.

And if you are looking for copyright-friendly files, Copyright Friendly  is a wiki with a plethora of links for you.