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More Great Sites for May

Language Arts:

Got a unit on Mythology coming up? Try Myths and Legends. This site offers flash videos of popular myths including Bab Yaga and Vasilisa the fair  and Finn McCool and the Giant’s Causeway. It also offers students the opportunity to create their own video based on a world myth or legend. Simple, easy, and informative.

Another favorite of mine is The Big Myth, a website that includes world creation myths. Visitors can choose the myth by clicking on the map. I liked this one so much I ordered the CD.

As a fan of storytelling, Odds Bodkin has always been a favorite of mine. He’s spectacular in person, having performed here in Denver at the Renaissance Fair and moving on to traveling the country to perform at schools of all grade levels.  His site includes downloadable tellings of some of his more popular stories. I  like to listen to these during my lunch hour sometimes.

Speaking of storytellers, I believe I have mentioned Drum Song Story in a previous post, but they warrant a second mention. You can listen to them on their web site as well.


This is an interesting site: Shape Collage requires a download, but you can take any  group of photos and turn it into  acollage in any shape from apples to hearts to kitty cats. I’m sure you can do dinosaurs and trucks too.

This is a visual version of Wordle and Tagxedo with photos rather than words.

Primary Sources:

From the National Archive Experience, The Digital Vault claims to contain more than 10 billion files. Visitors can click on photo tags or search by keyword. The site will also allow you to create your own collection of images or create your own movie poster using  images from the vault.

Online Contests:

Strutta is an online contest creator which allows you to connect with social networks to promote a contest. I had a hard time figuring this out until I went to the website and checked out the intro video. You can upload video, photos, and other media into the website and allow others to vote.  This one’s professional looking and offers a free trial, but does not appear to have free options for educators. It may be a limited, one-time deal.

Data, data, data…want to make your data look great on a web page?  Widgenie is an easy great tool to create your own graph widgets for embedding in your wiki or other web page. 


The World Digital Library offers some fascinating visual timelines with primary sources. Visitors can browse by place, time, or topic to find primary documents related to events in world history.

May Infobytes


On Richard Byrne’s blog, he highlighted the Japanese Science and Technology Center’s lesson page. These lessons include interactive online lessons with animated diagrams and activities to test comprehension. I tried a few and found them to be informative and robust.

Scientific American offers a gorgeous visual tour of the solar system titled “the 8 wonders of  the Solar System” using video and art from Hugo award winning artist Ron Miller, this is a beautiful interactive video.


If  you watch the CBS Sunday News, you might have seen the edition about the artists who draw the Google Doodles that appear on the homepage. This is an informative video for students as well.

The National Gallery of Art offers students interactive art they can edit. Students can also upload their own digital images to explore their creative side.

 Economics and Financial Literacy:

The Practical Money Skills website includes a ton of great information for teaching financial literacy, including online games for any grade level. From the game that teaches coin values (Ed’s Bank) to the NFL-based Financial Football Training Camp.  I played a couple of these and found that even I have a few things to learn!

Another fun one was Rich Kid, Smart Kid, with a number of games at all grade levels. These games are pretty basic but they teach fundamentals as the children play.

There are many slideshows titles “50 sites for 50 students.” I will post those links soon.