We Connect Through Reading

This article by Wil Schwalbe  published in the Wall Street Journal, discusses why we need to read. We connect with others, we disconnect from technology, we learn new things.


This is a great article to share with others in your building.


Did you ever wish you could put a time limit on that Check for Understanding?

If you use Google Forms in your classroom and you wish you could put a time limit on your form, Richard Byrne has the answer. Read this article on his blog to learn how to put a time limit on a Google Form.


Want to use more video in your lessons?

Here are a couple of great resources for using videos. 

First: A chart of over 30 great YouTube channels to which
you might want to subscribe.

The second is the Teach With Movies website, which  is a searchable collection of lesson plans that go with movies arranged by subject, age, or just titles A-Z. Definitely worth a look!


How the School Library Helps Build Strong Blended Classes

This is the first in a series of articles describing 10 ways White Bear Lake High School teachers and the school library are working together to enhance learning in hybrid or blended classes.

Bear Commons

This first article talks about how increasing usage is about more than new furniture and a well-weeded collection, but it helps.

Expanding the Definition of Flipped Learning

In this video, ASCD instructor, Eric Cavenaugh explains flipped learning in terms of what it is and what it is not.

This is an important watch for anyone who wants to be sure that our definition is congruent with that of others. ASCD

Students’ ed-tech opinions might surprise you | eSchool News | eSchool News

Students are more thoughtful about tech than we often give them credit for.  Read here and see if you are surprised by what our kids have to say.


Students’ ed-tech opinions might surprise you | eSchool News | eSchool News.

Libraries are early learning partners

Libraries are early learning partners

The American Library Association (ALA) urged the Department of Education in a letter (pdf) Wednesday to include public libraries as early learning partners in the Proposed Requirements for School Improvement Grants (SIG). The Association specifically asks that the Department of Education include public libraries as eligible entities and allowable partners under the new intervention model that focuses on improving early learning educational outcomes.

via Libraries are early learning partners.