We Connect Through Reading

This article by Wil Schwalbe  published in the Wall Street Journal, discusses why we need to read. We connect with others, we disconnect from technology, we learn new things.


This is a great article to share with others in your building.


I’ve Moved!

Well, friends, I have moved to a new district, which means a new blog.

I have migrated the content from this space over to the new space, and I would love for you all to follow me over there.

I will be combining the content from this and my Advocacy blog into the new blog, so all information will be in one place.

I still have the other social media unchanged, though I may have to spend some time looking for and fixing links and automatic update connections.

Please come on over and sign up to the new page. I’d love to see you all there!


Love and happy reading!

Sudi Stodola


Evaluating Websites as Information Sources | Edutopia

It’s the lesson plan we should all have in our back pocket:

Using a six-point strategy, teachers can help students learn about responsible web research by assessing the validity of most information that they’ll encounter online.

Source: Evaluating Websites as Information Sources | Edutopia

Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt

Get kids engaged from the very first day!

Source: Mrs. ReaderPants: One Week Freebie: Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt

I transform learning by …

Padlet for School Library Month 2016 where school librarians share ways they transform learning. Contribute!

Op Ed: School Librarians are Essential to Student Achievement – The Village GreenThe Village Green

The following letter was sent to Supt. Dr. John Ramos and the Board of Education of the South Orange – Maplewood School District. The letter was read aloud at Monday night’s BOE meeting. To: South Orange Maplewood School District, Dr. Ramos, SOMSD Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Baker, Board President Stephanie Lawson – Muhammad, 1st Vice President …

Source: Op Ed: School Librarians are Essential to Student Achievement – The Village GreenThe Village Green

Does Your School Have a Teacher Librarian? A CSLA Film – YouTube