Infobytes for March


Looking for a place with Fair Use music clips? Try where you and your students can download and remix a variety of clips.


How about an online publishing option? Scribd offers a collaborative option for publishing academic papers and collections of articles about a particular subject. This is a great resource for publishing a class project.

We’ve been talking about Glogster in the library this week. It’s really a fun resource.  If  you are a creative, non-linear kind of person (Especially you scrapbookers!) this will appeal to you for poster projects and even as a classroom resource.  I put one together for the library, and it took me about 30 minutes from sign-up to publish.


Looking for an easy way to add audio to your classroom? offers free, easy podcasting options right from your phone. Record your message and use the app to send it out. This is being used in our World Languages department with great success.

We’ve mentioned online slideshow options like Voicethread, Animoto, and Sliderocket in previous entires, and now here’s another: It’s free and easy to use.


Want to jazz up your photo album a bit? will allow you to upload and edit your photos. Another option is which will share your edited photo on facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

You all know how much I love my Catalog card generator at, well now you can create your own Newspaper clipping! go to and create your own authentic-looking newspaper article!

Using Online Games for Learning

A while back, we talked about the online game for learning Finance and business, Gen I Revolution, that Jon Poole showed me. Here are a couple of interesting options for Science and Math:

Looking to teach anatomy with games? Richard Byrne posted about  the Anatomy Arcade: With jigsaw puzzles, Whack-a-Bone, and videos, this site can make science even more fun!

Looking for a fun math resource? Manga High offers a gaming-based option for teaching math in the K-12 classroom. It has high appeal for students and you can check out a few trial games before signing up. If you’d like more access to math videos, try Byrne’s blog entry, 7 great resources for Math Videos

Richard Byrne recently posted about History Buff, a website that offers free primary sources for students and teachers. The online newspaper archive is not very well populated yet and I would still recommend our Pop Culture Universe database  from ABC-Clio  or  DPL’s Newsbank database over this site if you are looking for historic newspapers, but there are some interesting options for you to explore, including the historic panorama tours.


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