Infobytes for Winter Break

Here are a few handy items I have been forwarded and shown this past week that I definitely thought were worth sharing.

Wet Electronics? Did you drop your phone, iPod, or other electronic device in the water? Before you write it off, here’s a trick that has worked for a few of my daughter’s friends: Place the entire device in a bowl of dry rice, completely covered, for a few days. The rice will draw out the moisture and you might get that phone back.

Sound Quality on audio devices: Want those downloaded songs to sound as rich and full as on the original recording? Go to for a file converter download that will help ensure your audio quality is maintained.

Keep your inbox clean:  You know those websites you want to check out, but they won’t allow you to proceed without registering your email? Here’s the answer. Go to and type in the URL of the site. They will give you a temporary login and password so you won’t get a ton of unwanted email from the site you wanted to preview.

200 Countries in 200 Years: Rachel Stutzman shared this video with me this week. This is a great visual overview of poverty and life spans around the world over the last 2 centuries.

A Hanukkah Song for the masses:  Mr Poole’s students shared this gem with me this week as well. It’s fun! 

60 Second Civics: The Center for Civics Education offers a collection of daily podcasts that make it easy for listeners to learn about different aspects of our nation’s government. This is  a helpful resource for your auditory learners.

Cool Infographics:  You know I love infographics and here’s a site I visit for fun, Not all of them are informative, in fact, I think the one I love is  but both have some fun infographics!

Have a great Winter break!


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